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gamin site 24 July 2020

Has anyone seen Garmin?

While on the one hand, great things are happening at Garmin with the launch of the new solar-charged watch range, calamity is happening on the other hand. For over 24 hours now Garmin users have been unable to sync their activities from their watches to

Lockdown and romantic relationships

A little over a month ago, the President announced that we would be going into lockdown in an attempt to curb the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID19). This, of course, did not come without consequences on many aspects of our lives including our relationships with

The nobody who said something

A story is told of a young girl who was forced into slavery. She is not named when the story is told though, but I’m telling it this time. So, let us call her Ophelia. Her village was ripped apart and many were killed while some

Being a vessel: blessing and curse

A vessel is in the context of this piece, a person who embodies a particular quality. One that has a task beyond themselves, one who is called by a higher power. A servant of the most high or a messenger of the spirits. Now, whatever

3 facts about water for weight loss

Previously, I wrote a little bit about water and exercise.  I spoke about the importance of remaining hydrated before, during and after exercise. Now, I’d like to share a little about 3 things that water can do during a weight loss process. While you are exercising

Water and exercise.

We all try to keep fit by either jogging, running, walking or going to the gym and engaging in different exercises. The whole endeavour is draining and tiring. It takes a lot out of you but it also benefits your body. After you have sweat

Surely God is not Christian.

Yes, Christians worship God or a god; that shall be determined someday in heaven if that is a reality in the afterlife. For now, however, the god or God that Christians worship is not Christian. If God wrote the 10 commandments, then they are a

A note from death

Dear human, I am inevitable. I am the one thing you can run your entire life from, only to run into. I am worse than the air you breathe; with me, there is no breathing. I will take you into the sky and let you

On one wing against the odds

Some time back while sitting in the garden pondering on scripture and reflecting on my life and development as an individual, I noticed a butterfly sitting on a leaf just a few feet from where I was sitting (it wasn’t the pictured butterfly but their

Love thy neighbor!!!!

Lord knows what kind of neighbors we all have. Should I really? Love my neighbor! Why? Which one of my neighbors anyway? Loving you neighbor in 2019 is not as simple as it used to be in 30AD. Honestly. I bet Jesus had the best

Quality far outweighs Quantity

My line of work is predominantly male, especially in the structures where decisions are made. You rarely find women as part if those teams and committees. If there are any, there is one surrounded by men. For example, in a committee of seven people, only

Golden energy balls

Delicious golden brown energy oat balls. Healthy and tasty. You can add them to your snack list without guilt of taking in lots of unhealthy stuff into your body. Ingredients: 1 spoon butter 3 spoons peanut butter 1/4 cup milk 2 eggs 1 cup raw