The cold hard cement can teach you great lessons

Sometimes in life one does not realize how bad things are becoming until you fall flat down with your face on the ground. Being young and na├»ve doesn’t help either when you are heading for dark dangerous areas. You see, I grew up under the guidance of a praying mother. She would pray about and for a lot of things; in my young state I couldn’t understand the devotion to prayer even when some things seemed to be out of

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Peanut butter carrot muffins

I love baked goodies and since I have been trying to follow a healthier lifestyle, I took it upon myself to experiment with recipes that might be slightly healthier than most store bought baked goods. This is my latest version of healthier muffins. This recipe made 21 muffins for me. Ingredients: 3 eggs 3 spoons of butter 1/2 cup of olive oil 1 1/2 cups of milk 3/4 cup of sugar 1/4 teaspoon of salt 4 teaspoons of cinnamon powder

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Starting afresh: rediscovering makeup

Once upon a time I was a tomboyish type of a girl who couldn’t care less about how she looked. My only care was that my clothes fit and that they match. I never used to wear any bright colors except for white. As time went on things began to change. I began feeling the need to show more of the girl I was on the inside. I did the whole relaxed hair thing, nails and I even tried make

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The Pink Mynah Festival

Because I love having fun and occasionally going out I thought I’d tell you about this upcoming event. I saw posts about it on Facebook and decided to follow through to the organizer’s website. It seems like it’s going to be a great and fun event. Honestly, it will be my first time attending the pride.   The pride parade is coming to town. The festivities are set to start on the 22nd of October and end with a concert

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Cold rainy days are for warm outings

My greatest love when it’s cold. This time of the year is great in Pietermaritzburg, it is cool and the flowers and trees are beautiful. All looks so great but God knows I hate the unpredictable London-like weather. Despite heating up the room and a cup of soup, still feels like something is missing. I think it’s the memories of cold days when I was younger that make me feel this way. My mom would make the warmest meal she

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The day the devil went to church

(Fiction) One evening the devil was sitting and reflecting on all the things he’d done. While reminiscing on his life, he realized that he had really done a lot of damage to a lot of innocent people and some who weren’t so innocent. All this thinking actually made his head hurt and somehow reached at the core of his heart; that’s when he decided that it was time repent and on that warm Saturday night he decided to go to

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Coffee and Chocolate

There’s nothing better to soothe an aching, confused and close to broken heart than a cold milkshake on a cold day. Coffee and chocolate I ordered it to be. For very specific reasons really. I may be a health freak but I had to break my healthy routine because a broken heart can lead to “epidemic proportions” as Oom Oubas always says. So the coffee makes one to calm down a bit in my case that is and the chocolate

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In love with a new snack

A few weeks ago I tasted a mini puff pastry in store at Spar and I liked it. It was a new product and they were promoting it. On display were chess puffs and sausage rolls. Now, I love cheese and thought that the cheese puffs were great but that bite into the sausage roll changed my mind. It was really a great tasting sausage unlike some brands that lie to us by using some paper tasting thing inside their

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Hush little angel

Hush little angel don’t you cry, Don’t shed a tear for the unknown, Hush little angel don’t make a sound, Don’t let the devil know you are troubled. Hush my baby don’t be sad, I’ll make all things alright, Hush my sweet one, don’t fall apart, All your heart ache is mine. Little angel, I’m your hero, Call on me for a shoulder, My little one won’t fall, I’ll be there to catch you always.

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The woman you always thought you could be

Remember when you were young you always imagined yourself as various women. You were the doctor who took care of all the sick patients despite their ailments, you cured everything. You were a perfect musician, the whole package, you sang and danced and even had that diva attitude and style to go with it. You were a pharmacist, made all different kinds of healing and life prolonging concoctions, though sometimes it was just sugar and grass, it worked. You took

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