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About me

Okay, first and foremost let’s get this out of the way. African Orchid was never about the plant called by a similar name. We accidentally came to share the name. I got attracted to a pick looking orchid which I to this day never knew it’s scientific name. The beauty of the flower resembled in my own perception the beauty I hold within. That beauty together with my being an African child; even being born on African soil, led me to the name African Orchid. I later, after purchasing my domain, that there is a flower by the same name. So this blog has nothing to do with flowers per say. but it has everything to do with the beauty, extravagance and loveliness of the heart I have; and maybe the orchid I first loved.


Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk. I’m an adventurous introvert. Weird, I know but it is what it is. I venture here and there. Do this and that. Then I blog about some of it. My blog is like any other personal blog; it contains fragments of me. Whether deep or circular, these are the things that interest me and I look into them. Some times I even tell the world about them.


I’m now in my thirties unlike when I first started to blog in my twenties, I’m no longer afraid to be me in my content. I’m a Christian; not the know-it-all kind though. I still have lots to learn and always will be learning. Oh, I’m a theological student also. I dabble in business and investing. I wish I had started earlier, I’d have a bank account to vacation in Dubai with. For now, I write as I learn. What I learn in business or think about business I pass on. You are free to agree or disagree. That’s we all learn; by hearing different opinions to ours. I recently, well not really; I started my health journey a while back. So far, I’m on an on and off relationship with my schedule. Eventually I’ll get it right. In the min-time, I’ve lost a lot of weight and centimeters.

Basically these are the few things I blog about: business, wealth, investing, faith, motivation, inspiration, hair, skin and anything else that pops up. Perspective might not always what you expect it to be but the facts remain the same.


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