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About me

Okay, first and foremost let’s get this out of the way. African Orchid was never about the plant called by a similar name. We accidentally came to share the name. I got attracted to a pink looking orchid which at the time I did not know what it was but I now know its scientific name. The beauty of the flower resembled my own perception of the beauty I believe to hold within. That beauty together with my being an African child; even being born on African soil, led me to the name African Orchid. I later, after purchasing my domain, discovered that there is a flower by the same name. So this blog has nothing to do with flowers per say; but it has everything to do with the beauty, extravagance and loveliness of the heart I have; and maybe the orchid I first loved.


Now that that is out of the way, let’s talk. I’m an adventurous introvert. Weird, I know but it is what it is. I venture here, there and over there. Do this and that. Then I blog about some of it. My blog is like any other personal blog; it contains fragments of me. Whether deep or circular, these are the things that interest me, experience and some I look into. Some times I even tell the world about them.


I’m now in my thirties; unlike when I first started to blog in my twenties, I’m no longer afraid to be me in my content. I’m a Christian; not the know-it-all kind though. I still have lots to learn and always will be learning. Oh, I’m a theological student also. I dabble in business and investing. I wish I had started earlier, I’d have a bank account to vacation in Dubai with. For now, I write as I learn. What I learn in business or think about business I pass on. You are free to agree or disagree; we all learn by hearing different opinions to ours. I recently, well not really; maybe awhile back, started my health journey. So far, I’m on an on and off relationship with my schedule. Eventually I’ll get it right. In the min-time, I’ve lost a lot of weight and centimeters.

Basically these are the few things I blog about: faith, motivation, inspiration, fitness, hair, skin, books, movies and a bit of business, investing and wealth.


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6.5K across all online platforms.


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