The ‘feel good’ make-up lesson that left me feeling great

September 6, 2017 Emma M 1

If you have seen my Instagram posts you must definitely have realized that me and make up are distant cousins. Not that I have anything against it as you’d have noticed that I occassionally try to use it. What had previously discouraged me is not knowing what exactly to use and how. Even after watching hours of YouTube videos and reading a lot of posts, I just couldn’t get my […]

Introduction to Afro

July 5, 2016 Emma M 0

Before Pitch-Black showed up on the scene I used to have hair that my friends criticized because no matter how much I relaxed it and took care of it accordingly, it would always go back to its natural state within a week. After Pitch-Black came to the scene with his humongous afro, my friends started calling me pitch-black afro. Silly children; for a while I was upset about the way […]