It is your time woman

August 22, 2017 Emma M 2

Sometimes you put yourself in back. You see, caring is inate to a woman. We were born with a gene, something in our design allows us to care even against our own will. We turn a blind eye but our thoughs and our hearts refuse to stop caring. We are motherly even when we’ve never given birth or choose not to. We were born with love in our hearts, a […]

To fail and to be a failure are not the same thing

August 11, 2017 Emma M 0

One can fail multiple times but that is not the same thing with being a failure. In definition; to fail is to be unsuccessful in achieving a goal or to cease to work and failure is lack of success or to be in a state ofnot functioning.   One can nourmerous time at doing something but for as long as you don’t give up, you are not a failure becuase […]