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The nobody who said something

A story is told of a young girl who was forced into slavery. She is not named when the story is told though, but I’m telling it this time. So, let us call her Ophelia. Her village was ripped apart and many were killed while some

Being a vessel: blessing and curse

A vessel is in the context of this piece, a person who embodies a particular quality. One that has a task beyond themselves, one who is called by a higher power. A servant of the most high or a messenger of the spirits. Now, whatever

Surely God is not Christian.

Yes, Christians worship God or a god; that shall be determined someday in heaven if that is a reality in the afterlife. For now, however, the god or God that Christians worship is not Christian. If God wrote the 10 commandments, then they are a

Love thy neighbor!!!!

Lord knows what kind of neighbors we all have. Should I really? Love my neighbor! Why? Which one of my neighbors anyway? Loving you neighbor in 2019 is not as simple as it used to be in 30AD. Honestly. I bet Jesus had the best

Dear Vashti, we see you.

(It is recommended that you read Esther 1:1-22 before reading this. Or afterwards) Vashti, we are told that you disrespected the king. How is this possible? You were summoned to show yourself in before the king in the presence of his friends. We are not

What kind of custodian are you?

When speaking of a custodian, we are referring to a person who has a responsibility over something or someone. This responsibility is for taking care of or protecting the object thereof. In the parable in Matthew 21:33 – 46 we see two types of custodians

Peace: A temporary situation in reality.

The word, peace, according to dictionary definitions means: – A state of tranquility, quiet, and harmony; absence of violence. For instance, a state free from civil disturbance. – A state free of oppressive and unpleasant thoughts and emotions. – Harmony in personal relations. – A


Agape: a love that is more theoretical than it is practical. Agape is said to be a spiritual love, a love that is not disregardful of others and a beneficial love which wills good for others. Agape is a generous love among Christians and also