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Peace: A temporary situation in reality.

May 9, 2016 Emma M 0

The word, peace, according to dictionary definitions means: – A state of tranquility, quiet, and harmony; absence of violence. For instance, a state free from civil disturbance. – A state free of oppressive and unpleasant thoughts and emotions. – Harmony in personal relations. – A state free of war, in particular war between different countries. These are all wonderful definitions but you have to ask yourself: does such a thing […]


February 3, 2016 Emma M 0

Agape: a love that is more theoretical than it is practical. Agape is said to be a spiritual love, a love that is not disregardful of others and a beneficial love which wills good for others. Agape is a generous love among Christians and also the love of God to humanity. In definition agape is such a great kind of love which one wishes to experience but in the physical […]