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mio corazon products

Youth in Business series: Mio Corazon

As a leader one must always display exemplary behavior. I have asked a number of my fellow South African youth mates to participate in the Youth in Business series which will be running on this site for the month of June. Now I figured it

spur logo

Spur. Could this be it?

We all love one thing or another on the Spur menu. Now we have to wonder; could owning a portion of Spur be the real thing here? Frankly, I prefer owning than boosting. I’m an opportunist. An introverted opportunist. Spur Corporation Limited shares were selling

Where to first?

Let’s face it. Too many South Africans grow up in the township and not all have an idea of where to go or who to ask about starting a business. Some have brilliant idea but no way to make them a reality. Some are disadvanateged