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Celebrating June: Birth month and new adventures


Birth month

Birthdays all around. June is super cold where I was born. Living In Pietermaritzburg makes one forget that winter exists; it has these nice warm winters. This makes it easy for my birthday celebrations to be held weekly. Every Thursday is my birthday up until month end, lol. I was born on a Thursday. This is the last year that my birth month accommodates me numerically so it’s going to be big. You can ask my Instagram account, you’ll see.

New adventures

Well, now that I’m very close to 40, I think it is time to go see what this whole being an adult thing is all about. I have started reading a romantic novel; this I presume might be what women my age are doing. I’m not letting go of movie watching. I also think dating is also now too long over due. I really want to go hiking and live on the edge by wine tasting and whatever else that might interest me at this point. Live fearlessly.

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