Cold rainy days are for warm outings

picture10This time of the year is great in Pietermaritzburg, it is cool and the flowers and trees are beautiful. All looks so great but God knows I hate the unpredictable London-like weather.

Despite heating up the room and a cup of soup, still feels like something is missing. I think it’s the memories of cold days when I was younger that make me feel this way. My mom would make the warmest meal she could and the house was warm; a warm homey feeling was always there. I could just be missing her or maybe I’m just missing my better half whom I’ll only see later this month. Never the less, I had to come up with a plan to feel better and knowing me; I did.

I got myself out of bed and went to have a meal at one of the most beautiful places I know. I needed a warm hearty meal that feels home cooked, looks great and elegant all at once and this place never let’s me down.Vigour and Verve has an amazing atmosphere and the interior design is great, the view outside is even better especially at night but today I had the wonderful view of the garden in daylight and if you’ve ever been outside after it rains you know how bright and beautiful a garden looks after some fresh rain.


The wonderful view had me feeling much better. Obviously the hot chocolate contributed a lot because my initial thought was chocolate ice cream but I remembered my mother’s menu on a cold day and I just had to have something that brought me close enough to it; so I got hot chocolate and warm meats. The most excellent ribs amongst my top three rib recipes is served at Vigour and Verve, warm hearty and perfect for such a cold day. Served with a great piece of chicken leg and vegetables, amazing. The food there is always so great that one has a foodgasm 99% of the time, the 1% being loss of taste due to one condition or another. The service is always great for me. I never have to take my food back to the kitchen for any reason and I always get served by the nicest people.

In a cold and rainy weather like this, one needs a warm outing to make up for whatever is making them feel cold on the inside or outside and places like this one make things all better. Warm atmosphere, warm people and warm food. A perfect place for a perfect warm outing.

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