Into the lion’s den


A toddler wandered into the lion’s den once upon a time. No one knows how this happened and no one knows why she was out there all alone to begin with. What is known however is that wandering into the lion’s den could be the only thing that changed her life for the better.

Now, as she walked in the scorching safari she found herself walking into a cave. little did she know that a greater danger was lurking about. Maybe the fact that she was too young and naive to realize the direction of her feet saved her fromfearing the unkown.

As she went deeper into the cave, she came by a place where the sun was shining through from a small crack above and provided light to the cave. While looking up and being fascinated by the light that had just appeared in her dark path, she heard something, she didn’t know exactly what she was hearing but it was a noice. She looked aound curiously and there in a not so far distance she saw some cubs playing together. Climbing and jumping over each other.

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