The ‘feel good’ make-up lesson

If you have seen my Instagram posts you must definitely have realized that me and make up are distant cousins. Not that I have anything against it as you’d have noticed that I occassionally try to use it. What had previously discouraged me is not knowing what exactly to use and how.

Even after watching hours of YouTube videos and reading a lot of posts, I just couldn’t get my own make up in the correct order. So when I learnt of a ‘feel good’ make up lesson happening at the Scottsville mall, I obviously jumped at the chance to go sit and listen to proffessionals give tips on make up. The session was part of a health festival held by the mall; this particular session was being hosted by Komisha Hair & Beauty.

The two ladies did a step by step on daily simple make up. Trust me, I learnt a lot. I knew a lot goes into achieving a perfect personal look but I still knew too little. The session was ideal for me as I like keeping a natural look as much as possible and I learnt how to enhance without ending up looking like clown or a cake about to crack. The greatest moment was when I actually discovered a foundation that works with my skin tone, I had previously used a foundation that was close to my skin tone and it always changed how I look so I had given up completely on using foundation but now that I have learnt this, there is no stopping me.

The entire wellness event went on for a couple of day. This particular workshop Lethiwe Makhanya popped in for some snaps for Maritzburg Fever. I also appear in the picture, shiny without make up or baby powder on my face. Nevertheless, the knowledge gathered at the workshop will ensure that never happens again; I won’t be so shiny next time. As you can ssee the lady next to me was beautifully made up by our facilitating make up artist. Very soon I’ll be able to replicate the steps to look naturally blended.

I went full of wonder and came out feeling great. Now I can really start exploring make up from a better point. This beginner will become an expert in what suits her own face someday; watch this space.

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    Great post. Enjoyed reading it.

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