Naked Soul

The woman you always thought you could be

Remember when you were young you always imagined yourself as various women. You were the doctor who took care of all the sick patients despite their ailments, you cured everything. You were a perfect musician, the whole package, you sang and danced and even had that diva attitude and style to go with it. You were a pharmacist, made all different kinds of healing and life prolonging concoctions, though sometimes it was just sugar and grass, it worked. You took care of a family and raised your teddies well, they became outstanding educated citizens and Barbie became a supermodel. What a proud mom you were.


You imagined becoming so many women, a mother, a wife, a business woman, a law enforcer, a protector, a healer and so much more. During the course of your life you became all the women knowingly and unknowingly. You took care of children, babysitting, helping with homework and so much more. You became a sister and a mother to so many children, by blood and by community. You became a singer, you sang some to sleep and to others you taught songs. You became the nurse to the sick. You have been the doctor who administered medication on time in the right amount. You became a healer to the souls of those who needed you. You started businesses that succeeded to a certain extent and those that died too soon. You have been able to give hope to others and also to yourself. You have been a psychologist, a listener, an advisor, a friend, a mother, a lover and so much more. You have become so many women that it’s impossible to keep count.


In all the women you have been, the most important one is the one you’ve become. Some of the women you’ve been are not permanent, some will always be part of you and some will occasionally surface when needed. What all these women have done for you is great, they have taught you amazing lessons, they have given you beautiful memories and most importantly they have shaped you into the woman you are today. All these women are characteristics of the one great woman you have become.


You are all the women you always imagined you could become. Be proud and stand tall. Work towards enhancing the woman you are for the better.

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