What are you waiting for?

It all starts with an idea. Everything around you started with an idea.
Even you were an idea at some point, someone thought “some day I’m going to
have a child” regardless of how or when you came about; you were once an
aspiration and thought to someone. The chair you sit on started as an idea,
it’s designed differently from other chairs because it’s a different idean
from a different person. The device you are using to read this was once an
idea; it’s shape, size and feautres and software were once just an idea.
Now that we have established how far ideas can go, here’s an importan
question you hould be asking yourself “what am I waiting for?”

Let’s face it; we all have an idea. An idea that could change our lives or
someone else’s life or even the world. So why then do we mostly never try?
Because it won’t work? Because someone else tried it before? Because we
don’t have rescources? Because we are inadequate? This is exactly why many
people don’t try anything; they don’t try to reach their goals or achieve
their dreams simply because they fear failure. And honestly, if you don’t
try you don’t get to fail. You simply just miss all the opportunities
because you don’t try.

Worst of all, you go through life thinking “what if?” :

“What if I had started jogging?”

“What if I had told him/her?”

“What if I had bought shares in that company?”

“What if I started my company?”

“What if I had worked harder?”

“What if I had left this place?”

So many “what if”s. The saddest thing is that you will never know what
would have happened if you had actually done something unless you do it
now. If you start and fail it’s better than never having started at all. If
you start and fail, you learn how to do it better. “Once bitten, twice shy”
doesn’t apply to all aspects of life. It can apply if you want to lock
yourself in a cage with actual lions but not everywhere in life. If you
deal with a person and they scam you, you learn never to trust them again;
next time you choose another person. If your business didn’t succeed the
first time,you evaluate where and how you went wrong and then you build
from a point of knowing how to avoid the same mistake again.

Most parts of life are much like school. In school, when you fail a test
you write a revision or you get the opportunity to rewrite the test. You
are not told that you have failed and shold never come back. You get the
opportunity to better your previous performace. If you fail at the end of
the year, you get the opportunity to do better next year. It may hurt to se
all your friends and ex-classmates in the next class but it will hurt more
if you quit because not only are you stuck in the same class for life but
you get to watch everyone you used to know advance their lives while you
may not. In some cases however, depending on the type of person you are;
you could make excellent choices after leaving school and advance your life
even far beyond all those you know. We are built differently. However,
nothing comes from nothing. If you don’t do something advancement of your
life is a far away dream.

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