3 facts about water for weight loss

Previously, I wrote a little bit about water and exercise.  I spoke about the importance of remaining hydrated before, during and after exercise. Now, I’d like to share a little about 3 things that water can do during a weight loss process.

While you are exercising and/or dieting for weight loss drinking water during this process can be very helpful for reasons previously mentioned and the ones in this post.


  1. acts as an appetite suppressant. Drinking water helps take up some space in the stomach, that way the amount of food takes t fill you up decreases. Water gives that feeling of fullness and instructs the brain to stop eating. Sometimes when you think you are hungry, start with a glass f water; you might discover that you were actally just thirsty. Drink water 30 minutes before your meals and see how it works out for you, it works for me.
  2. helps boost your metabolism. Drinking water can help you burn more calories. On a normal day, one needs 950ml of water for every 1000calories used. When you drink cold water, you force the body to burn more calories as it tries to warm itself up from the coldness of that water; this increases the work of your metabolism also.
  3. helps your body stop retaining water. Apparently, drinking more water helps with water retention. This helps one to shed some extra kilos of water weight. I personally think (from experience) that the more you drink, the more comes out of you thus helping you keep less water in your system. This one is best tested on the self for the experience.

Generally, water is good for you. Keep well hydrated in order to have your body functioning well.

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