3 festive season romantics

Matchmaker Santa

Who could have thought that Santa would be so mischievous? As a little girl, Melanie, notices the love between her parents and writes to Santa asking for her very own Prince Charming, true love itself. When the time is right, Santa shows up to point her in the right direction. Santa blocks all opportunities for her current boyfriend, Justin, to be with her in order for her to realize that her Prince Charming has been around all along. Melanie ends up not being sure whether Justin or his colleague, Dean, is her Price Charming. Meanwhile the boyfriend is trying to get to her, traveling with his ex-girlfriend whom his mother seems to favour. The journey pushes both Melanie and Justin to realize who they truly love. It is a beautiful story with a different view on Santa; still provides the gift though.


Merry Matrimony

College sweethearts, Brie and Eddie, come together after some years and miscommunication gets in the way. They come together to work on a project for a magazine owned by Isabella who happens to be close friends with Eddie. Brie sees Eddie upon coming back from finishing his masters in Paris being affectionate with Isabella and concludes that he has moved on with Isabella. He also thinks that she has moved on with someone else. But Brie has a glimpse of hope until she sees Isabella wearing an engagement ring. She is convinced that Eddie and Isabella are getting married while forgetting the promise Eddie had made to her before he left for Paris. Ultimately, they get talking and thing come together and they have the perfect Christmas wedding.


Secret Santa

When Jennifer makes a wish for true love at the wishing well in the backyard at her parents’ home, she receives an unexpected guy. She begins receiving beautiful Christmas cards with lovely messages signed ‘Secret Santa’; Jennifer responds upon knowing the name of her secret Santa. She manages to verify that it is Jack, her childhood friend, whom she now realizes that she’s in love with. Jack however has been dead for some years. Somehow a time portal allows them to communicate. She then uses it to keep him alive until them meet.

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