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A new beginning: reflections(2015) and aspirations(2016)

With every passing year one realizes that some things in life are meant to come to an end; and with every new year one realizes that something in them or about them either has or needs to change. Some people set resolutions while others attempt a complete 360 degrees turn. I on the other hand think before setting resolutions or trying to turn over completely one needs to do an introspection; to reflect on the past year and plan for the year ahead. Taking into account lessons learnt so that previous mistakes are not repeated in the new year.

Reflections: 2015 has come and gone; things were built, things fell apart.

5 lessons I take from 2015:

  1. Never give up: A lot of things came crashing down for me in 2015 but despite all that I went through, I still found a reason to get out of bed in the morning. That proves that I have a resilient spirit. It is proof that no matter how bad things get, I will always find a way to get up.
  2. Trust only God: Despite the high number of people around you that encourage you and are always helpful in your journey, not all of them want you to succeed. Some offer help so they can claim a stake in your success, some offer their help and sabotage you behind your back, others just stick to deformation of character while very few truly want to see you prosper. God is the only one who truly wants to see you prosper.
  3. Originality is best: I realized that being original is the best thing I know how to be. Those around you however always try to make you a reflection of their fantasies. The more you resist to become what you are not, the more some people hate on you and try to destroy your originality. In the ultimate end however, it is being different that makes you better, special and unique. Do not conform.
  4. Patience is still a virtue: On so many occasions through the past year I have been impatient. Some times we really fail to be patient and I realized that in my impatience, I messed up quite a few things. I gave up on Kearabilwe, my blog where I was trying to put my literature out there. I also gave up on other things in my life, some of which are very important to me; all because I rushed to the end without the middle part being complete. Taking things one step at a time is still the best way to get things done and to produce excellent results.
  5. Fear is a toothless dog: Fear causes temporary or selective paralysis to the brain. Once you make up your mind on something and you start working on it, ignore all doubts and work on it. It is better to try and fail than not to try at all. Fear is so terrible that it puts you in a position where you don’t even try just because you are afraid that you will fail. This kind of fear has struck me in the past year, I had always thought of myself as brave and capable until I was paralyzed by fear so deep that not even a single positive thought could water it down. After all had fallen apart and all hope had left me, I spent days in bed. Eventually I got strength and started evaluating and realized that I feared shadows, things I could have easily overcome if I had not let fear overcome me. It’s safe to say that blocking out fear is a good thing. When fear strikes, remember that out of nothing comes nothing; a toothless dog barks but can’t bite. Take courage as a shield and face things head-on.

Aspirations: 2016 is here, fresh and new. Innocent like a newborn baby. What you do with is is completely up to you.

5 things needed to get through 2016

  1. Hope: It’s simple, without hope one can’t look forward to achieving goals and making their visions a reality. Hope fuels a lot of things; people have done unimaginable things just because they have hope that the result of their actions will bring about a change in something or produce great results. It is this hope that keeps you going through everything.
  2. Hard-work: This is essential in order to make everything a reality. Being dedicated to what you do and investing time and effort in it, ensures that you grow and succeed in your field. Hard-work is however not only the theoretical part of it; it is concerning everything even the way you answer your phone has to show that you are aiming at something. Work hard but don’t allow yourself to burn out.
  3. Focus: If one is not focused they tend to dabble in a lot of different things that are so far apart they split one in many different directions. Keep your eye on the road like a good driver does or else you will crash.
  4. Schedule: Set a time for everything you do. Trust me, it will do you a lot of good. You can’t put focus in unscheduled work because you will end up working on too much at once. You need to be sure of how, when and where you will be doing what. That is the only way the three things above will be effective. All I can really say is schedule, schedule and schedule. The are those little other things and emergencies that will never make their way to your schedule but for all those that can be directed, schedule them up. Being organised helps you be more effective.
  5. Recreation: Yes, some fun won’t hurt. Sometimes we tend to put so much of ourselves into our work that we forget about ourselves. We have a responsibility to our families and also to ourselves. If we overwork ourselves we end up loosing hope which will lead to slacking and eventually we will loose focus. After loosing focus we work our of schedule and then everything just becomes one big heavy load. Then you fail your responsibility to yourself, if you are not up to scratch you can’t commit the responsibilities you have towards your family. You need to take some time out to yourself. Go see a movie, go race carting, get a massage, go paint-balling, chill at a park, relax with a glass of wine once in a while or whatever it is that gives you relaxation so that you come back refreshed and be able to keep up with your plans and aspirations. Take it from me, I tried skipping recreation and it didn’t turn out so good.

For one to be well off, it requires a balanced daily life. A constructive way of dealing with everything around you and a relaxing moment once in a blue moon when you can get the chance to be all by yourself.

Godspeed beloveds.

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