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Agape: a love that is more theoretical than it is practical.

Agape is said to be a spiritual love, a love that is not disregardful of others and a beneficial love which wills good for others. Agape is a generous love among Christians and also the love of God to humanity.
In definition agape is such a great kind of love which one wishes to experience but in the physical world agape seems to be a disappearing kind of love with every new generation.

In my grandparents’ time, agape was free and easy to find. People were kind to strangers and accepted everyone with open hearts. During the time of my parents, things were a bit different. Strangers were no longer openhearted welcome and family names were more important than newly found acquaintances. In my time, which is now; the time of the new people, the time of also the ‘born frees’. Things are different. Strangers are feared; even estranged family members are not trusted. Neighbors hardly even talk to each other and friendships are mostly online and built on fake lives and feelings.

The once upon generous love that existed is no more. When a stranger does something nice for you, you wonder what they want in return. People, even (if not especially) Christians don’t share this love anymore. Everyone keeps to themselves. No one wishes others good anymore. People are selfish. The selflessness of the generations before us has disappeared into thin air.
Our generation and the ones behind me are being taught independence is the key to the world. They then go on to become so independent that even for their own families it becomes hard to share in their success and growth. Love as a whole is disappearing in the world.
The love of God to humanity that is supposed to shine through us is now a fairy-tale that we read in Church on Sunday and go home to never mention or practice it at home or in our communities. Even the ones who go to Church on Saturdays and those who go throughout the week only preach this fairy tale in Church and not in the world. Some go door to door recruiting for the ‘kingdom of God’ but do not share or show this love. We are all so focused on other things that we forget the reasons we started our lives in the first place, the reason we are not alone on earth. If God honestly wanted us to be independent of each other, God would have put each one of us on their own planet. We are here with each other, stranger and family, so that we can be interdependent. We believe in different things so that we can learn from each other. We speak different languages and have different abilities so that we can enrich each other.
Imagine that everyone on the planet was exactly the same: same height, weight, language, physique, mindset, career, accent, bank balance and the same in all other aspects. No hierarchical community status or any thing like that. Would that be interesting? Would you have a reason to get up in the morning?
I bet it would be too boring to be alive and would most definitely die from insanity. Agape would be of non existence in that world. Everyone would be exactly the same and no one would need to depend on the other for anything they can’t do as we’d all be the same. Whether we like it or not, we need each other to survive. Even though other people don’t realize this; their lives wouldn’t be the same without other people.
For example: I need the skill of the cotton picker on the farm. Without that person there will be no cotton to take and create textiles that will go to the tailor who will make my clothes after the pattern cutter cuts what the designer has designed. From the tailor it goes to the shop where I need the shop assistant and the cashier to acquire it. Just to wear my t-shirt I need more than 8 people to be involved in making the shirt a reality and getting it to me. Imagine there were no farmers, what would we eat in restaurants and fast-food places?
We need each other to make life possible on this planet; the least we can do is show each other the same kind of love that our creator shows us on a daily basis.

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