Beautiful snake

Lightning struck,
A flash of light before my eyes,
A shadow fell behind me,
Footsteps running towards me,
In a split second things had gone wrong.

Then I realized, I had stopped breathing,
Sirenes everywhere, red and blue lights all over,
Next thing I know it was cold,
Felt like Lesotho winter after snow.

Darkness befell me, you disappeared,
I heard cries but my eyes were dry,
The sound was so genuine, someone was hurt,
Songs filled the air, calmness arrived,
I smelt fresh soil, like it had just rained,
The sound of song and crying finally stopped,
Darkness was still there.
A light shone in the distance,
Brighter by the second it became,
Someone walked over and told me I was home,
To my shock I realized I was dead.
You cried for me and sang for me,
You loved me when lightning had struck me,
Where were you during my struggles,
Smug-faced one who loves my lifeless corpse,
You who never paid attention to my living self,
Lightning struck, all was revealed,
Your love, so constructed,
My life, so troubled,
Yet my death brings me your true love.

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