Being a vessel: blessing and curse

A vessel is in the context of this piece, a person who embodies a particular quality. One that has a task beyond themselves, one who is called by a higher power. A servant of the most high or a messenger of the spirits.

Now, whatever you call the power that has called you or the spirit that has called you is of no difference. Whether God, Allah, aMadlozi, Balimo or any other that you believe to be called by; a calling is precious, delicate and above all, it is not yours to direct. You are simply a vessel.


You carry gifts and abilities that are not self-imposed but are bestowed upon you. These gifts have absolutely nothing to do with who you are or what you’ve done. You don’t possess them because you are better or because you are deserving of them; you were chosen simply by the grace of the powers that imparted them onto you. The gifts include but are not limited to prophecy, song, teaching, healing, discerning, seeing and many others.  They are delicate because if you abuse these gifts, the one who imparted them removes all glory and sacredness of the gift and you remain with emptiness and a front of the gift while it no longer resides within you.


The calling, the gifts are both a blessing and a curse. They are extremely useful to the lives of the people around you. Occasionally, they can be used to aid you as the vessel that carries them. Most of the time your gifts and time are used to aid the people of the most high. They enhance the way people look and respond to you. You become somewhat elevated by the ones around you and the community at large. The journey becomes very lonely. Everyone looks to you and no one is with you through it all. People always surround you but no one is there for you. Your humanity becomes limited to the helper and you are put in a little corner of expectation and perceptions of you differ extremely depending on the eyes that look upon you. The greatest thing about the journey, the call and the gifts is that they give you access to what the other people don’t get. You have a unique position to aid the people and serve the most high at the same time. It is beautiful, scary and lonely but well worth it. Underserving yet chosen simply because you were perceived capable of completing the task at hand. It is not easy but you definitely have the abilities to see it through.

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