Black Panther

Black panther begins with a beautiful scenery which is accompanied by a gorgeous voice that tells us of the history of Wakanda. Wakanda; the birth place of T’Challa, king and protector of the people of Wkakanda. A place guarded by a powerful army. A place in which the royal guard is women only; a place that honors women warriors.

It is in Wakanda that I fell in love with Nakia. A beautiful Wakandan spy. She is a member of the War Dogs who are undercover spies of Wakanda; T’Challa’s uncle was one until he betrayed Wkaknda and his brother T’Chaka killed him. Nakia had been off working undercover in Nigeria (living as a nigerian woman and observing then got captured) until she was rescued by T’Challa and Okoye while she and other captured Nigerian women were being transported by her captors. The way T’Challa freezes when he comes face to face with her is amazing. It reveals a stroy yet to be told. She is fierce, fearless and loves Wakanda; loves T’Challa too, deeply, so it comes to be revealed. Nakia is powerful, multilingual and intelligent. She is loyal to Wakanda. However, she disapproves of the isolation tendencies of Wakanda. Nakia thinks that Wakanda is really being held back from developing into a better place because it is always hiding its true identity from the world in attempt to protect itself from exploitation. She is of the view that better ways can be developed that will allow Wakanda to be itself among the nations and still be protected from external harm.

Her views and thoughts on the Wakandan isolative policies always have her at logerheads with T’Challa. However, since they both clearly have deep feelings for each other, they seem to agree to disagree when possible. She speaks sense to him and he speaks sense to her. He’s breathtaking and it’s obvious why she loves him. As for him loving her; well, it’s one of those unique situations. Those situations where a man is not afraid of a woman who holds her gorund and knows exactly what she wants. Take it from me, it’s tough to be vulnerable when all you’ve known is how to stand for yourself and that one man that can stand by you and your strength is to be treasured. Nakia is one of those women who hardly break down, works not to show weakness and rarely asks for help. If her kind asks for help, you know she’s serious and truly feels comfortable enough with you to show her struggles and weakness. Any man that can stand her is in himself a very stong, confident and grown man.

I might possibly have fallen in love with her because she’s also a natural. Less chemically induced hair, natural color make up and realistic. She has that 4c hair that you just have to love even though it is this hard to deal with. She doesn’t flinch the truth, doesn’t let her honest opinions be compromised and she does what needs to be done when t needs to be done. Stealing the flower right before the garden got burned just so she could preseve and protect Wakanda was amazing. The strength to say goodbye to T’Challa was astonishing. No woman, no matter how strong wants to say goodbye to the man they love. She’d rather not be there at all than to release him knowing that they’ll never see him again. Luckily for her, she ressurected. Nakia carries the strength and beauty of what women should be, we should however be cautious not to be so strong that the men who choose to be with us think they are not necessary. They should understand that love and need for them is real even if we appear to be stronger than freshly released lava. They should be able to realise that once we cool down and are well placed in their live, we realease all the diamonds within and not only benefit ourselves but them also. In the hearts of women like Nakia lives true loyalty, real love and genuinity. She would give her life for Wakanda; to protect family and friends. She would give her heart in place of T’Challa’s life; she respects him and sees him in a bigger picture. She’ll always be real; she will not lie but will be honest about everything.

Nakia; the princess warrior. Loyal to Wakanda. Loves with her soul. Strong, beautiful, fearless and intelligent.

The movie overall is amazing. It tells a rare story of Wakanda; the most technologically advanced country in Africa. A country hiding its riches, knowledge and advancement in plain sight. They are a powerful nation. The excecution of the movie is great. You can see that there was lots of research that went into getting the costumes together. You see the Masai, Basotho, amaZulu and other African cultures represented in the clothing that the different Wakandan tribes wear. I was over the moon see mama Connie Chiume on the coulcil of Wakanda. Then Atandwa Kani playing the young T’Chaka was just mindblowing for me; I mean we had already seen his father before in the Avengers as T’Chaka but never did I think they’d do this. It was like a breath of fresh air. The cast is just amazing all together. To make it all better for me, W’Kabi and his trbe were wearing seanamarena, the blanket that this Mosotho young woman wishes to bestow upon a deserving mate who can handle and embrace the Nakia in me. Not only does the movie appeal to Marvel fans but it has attracted a new crowd which is mainly black and African to the Marvel family.

At the end of the movie one could see all the movie going people leaving the room right at the beginning of the credits and all the longstanding Marvel family members were just sitting waiting for what was coming. We saw T’Challa speak at the united nations and place Wakanda in a new position all together. Even better, we discovered that Buckey Barnes is alive. I screamed “Buckey” as though he could hear me. I was too happy because I know that the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War is going to bring him to the screen. I can’t wait for the Avengers to come out but even more for the next installment of Black Panther to be released.

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