Breaking through the asphalt

It’s amazing how much nature can teach humanity without even saying a word. In the middle of my journey through life, I’m experiencing moments where I feel as though it’s enough. As though I can’t take anymore and I should just backdown and stop trying to move forward. Then as I was walking into the yard the other day I see these little green things just staring at me. I literally stopped for a while admiring their strength and perseverance.

These plants are growing out from underneath asphalt. They are so tiny and look so brittle yet they pushed their way through the tar to get to the sunlight and oxygen they need so much to survive.

They got me thinking; I know what I need to survive, I know where and how to get it. Now all I need to do is be like these little plants and push through the asphalt in my life in order to live. It will most definitely not be easy because the asphalt it heavy and tightly bonded over me. Yet perseverance is key. These little plants did it, why can’t I? They don’t have my brain capacity or my bone structure yet they fought through a heavy substance which was denying them life. A toxic substance that was going to suffocate them before they could even get a ray of sun onto their tiny leaves.

No toxin is too dangerous if there is a will to survive. Had these little plants lost their will to survive, they would have been suffocated. I guess similarly, I breathe because there is the will to survive in me. Through the strength of these plants, I’m learning that no matter how hard or tough it seems; there is a way. If you are willing to persevere, you will achieve your goals. You will get a feel of fresh oxygen and you will experience sunlight.


There have been times in life when fighting seemed futile and giving up became enticing. I have previously let go of the bigger vision and settled for the smaller portions. All because I somehow didn’t feel strong enough to fight through the asphalt. I gave up on life-giving outcomes and held on to momentary breathing sessions. This time I want it all. No looking back. No stopping. I know what giving up feels like, now I want to know what it will feel like if don’t give up. Life is for the living and only they create memories. Procrastination and giving up only creates regrets and a long list of what ifs. It’s time to live, be courageous and persevere towards life.

I hope that you too can be inspired by these little fragile organisms that desired to live so much as to push through their circumstances in order to catch the fresh breath of life and some sunshine.

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  1. “Never Give Up” is a lesson I am still learning every day. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. This is just the encouraging post that I needed to read today. Thank you.

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