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Growth: It’s all in your hand


The thought of being employed and receiving a monthly salary is embedded so deep in our being that we cannot separate from it. We study so that we can get employed. If we can’t afford tertiary education we deem ourselves useless and often worthless. Being employed on the other hand is the best thing ever. All you have to do is worry about your part of the work and let your boss worry about the rest. You get paid on time. You meet your deadlines. The employer does the bulk of the work to ensure that everyone plays their role.

Nevertheless whether you are employed of self-employed, your growth and the growth of that business, company or institution is in your hands.


Most of us probably had that one teacher that used to say “your future is in your hands”. That particular teacher seemed somewhat ludicrous at that point in time but now it could be clearer why they used that line. That teacher my dear friend, should have stopped using riddles and went straight to the point. The fact is that you get out what you put in. If you work hard, you are bound to get better results. My definition of hard work is however not linked to doing large amounts of work but it means relevant types of work. If your mini tasks contribute to the larger task then you are working hard. Don’t spend your day working on tasks that are not relevant to the larger task and are in line with the vision you have for the project or company.


We choose what grows and what doesn’t. Whether we do this consciously or unconsciously, we choose. Employed or self-employed, we should never lose sight of the benefits of working hard and the growth it brings into all spheres of our lives. Never lose sight of the bigger picture and always persevere.


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  1. Alison says:

    Nice read. It does make one think. I look forward to reading more of your work.

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