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It is your time woman

Sometimes you put yourself in back. You see, caring is inate to a woman. We were born with a gene, something in our design allows us to care even against our own will. We turn a blind eye but our thoughs and our hearts refuse to stop caring. We are motherly even when we’ve never given birth or choose not to. We were born with love in our hearts, a love that hides deep within us even when life tries to nurture it ou of us. It hides so deep that we don’t understand our own actions when this love acts out against our own will and actions. It is a love that none of us control.


This same love has us in the background of our own lives sometimes. It pushes us to put others first. When you are a mother, your children come first. As a sister, your siblings come first. As a wife your family or husband comes first. When in a relationship, your partner comes first. You come second in so many ways both knowingly and unknowingly. Without notice you go through your life making statements like “once the lives of my siblings are in order, I’ll focus on myself”, “when my kids are grown I’ll take that holiday” or “when he’s settled I’ll start my career”. You take the backseat trying to push and allow chance for others to grow. You want the best for them and sometimes at the cost of your best. There is nothing wrong with this. You love beyond return. You dedicate your thought and time into securing your loved ones and yet you delay yourself.

It is hard to find a balance in this life. There isn’t even a manual to direct you on which way to go and yet your care builds empires that you may never rule. When everyone else around you is settled; your kids are grown, your partner is in a good place and your siblings’ lives are in order, you remain with all the time in the world to focus on yourself. You are now your primary concern but you have invested so much time in others that you forgot to plan for yourself. When your time comes you are filled with fear and hesitation. Your dreams now seem too far fetched, your vision is blurry and you long to go back into your little corner where you were safely caring for the dreams of others and wishing for their success. Your own success seems impossible and your vision scares you. There is nothing wrong with fear, but there is something wrong with letting it consume you.


Take heart woman; you were designed with a love so deep and strong that it can conquer anything. Your care is so deep and wide that you’d walk through the fire for the ones you love. Now it your time. It is time to walk through the fire for yourself. It time for that love that acts against your own will at times to be applied and act against your will towards building yourself up. You may be a mother or not yet, you may be a sister, you may be a partner or a wife but that should not stop you from starting to work on yourself. You love fearlessly, protect and care for others. Now do the same for yourself. Find that balance. Do not fear. It is your time woman. Your dreams are real, your vision is real and your efforts will not be for nothing. Go and take what is yours just as you have told others to do. Live woman; it your time.

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  1. Thanks. I really needed something like this, especially this morning.

  2. Naledi says:

    Living is so hard and complicated though, it takes real courage to even try hence most of us just exist.

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