My two weeks as a vegetarian

So I decided that in order for my healthy weight-loss program to give me effective and quicker results I’m going to spend the next one year as a vegan. No meat, no processed foods and lots of veggies and fruits.

That didn’t work out so well. I literally didn’t go beyond two weeks. I spent exactly one week and four days as a vegetarian. Don’t get me wrong, there’s apsolutely nothing wrong with anyone being vegan. It’s the healthiest lifestyle I’vecome to know but I love Spur ribs, I love the meaty pizza and being vegan takes me away from red meat. That means I can’t even have meatloaf! No way!!! I couldn’t survive a year in that lifestyle.

I really commend the vegans that have been vegan since birth or for a very long time. It is a difficult lifestyle to transition to when you have come to love those Steers beef burgers. For now I will only lower my meat intake and up my veggie and fruit intake. Hopefully ┬ámy new meal plan will still be effective though it won’t accelerate results as quickly as a pure vegan diet would.

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