No greater time than this

Listen to the beat of your heart,

Hear the song in your soul,

Observe the direction in which the trees sway,

Feel the force of the breeze,

Spread them wings, flap them and go.


You have seen what is to come,

You understand what needs to be done,

You know how you ought to move on,

Be the force that you awaited,

Thrust into the sky with all your might.

Hear your hear beating,

Listen to the song of the wind,

Move with the rythm of the trees,

You are a force to be reconed with,

Strong wings will carry you through.


Let your blood rush through your veins,

Let your soul sing of your vision,

Let the pull carry you to fulfilment,

The wind is just right, flap them wings,

There is no greater time than this for you to fly.

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