On one wing against the odds

Some time back while sitting in the garden pondering on scripture and reflecting on my life and development as an individual, I noticed a butterfly sitting on a leaf just a few feet from where I was sitting (it wasn’t the pictured butterfly but their situation is similar). At first I smiled and tried to remember the last time I had seen an actual butterfly; it seems they are getting fewer and fewer these days.


As I was gazing upon this wonderful little creature I noticed that one of its wings was chipped severely at the back. This caused the butterfly to fly very short distances. It could not even fly the way that a normal butterfly does. Of course the scripture and the butterfly had nothing to with each other but the butterfly opened my eyes to something else.

The way the pretty little thing flew was difficult. It seemed painful and the progress was slow. It reminded of life in general. While there are those of us who seem to be having it easy and seem to have everything in order and under control. There are also those of use who seem to be having it hard and nothing looks like it is in our control and it is messy. The little butterfly could only control so little of its movements and it could not fly the distances it really wished to fly. Sometimes in life we cannot reach what we would like to reach at the pace that we would prefer. Simply because some things are out of our control.

I do not know what injured the butterfly so badly and tore a piece of its wing off. But I know that somethings in life can tear a piece of you off. They can tear your heart, your soul and even your sanity. Yet through it all we all keep moving. One foot in front of the other. That’s how it goes. We know that even though it is hard, nobody runs before they learn to walk. In order to get up from crawling and walking you must use walls, furniture and other things as anchors. It is hard and tedious. But though it all patience is virtue; or so they say. It is imperative to be patient with ourselves. Moving from one step to another in faith, vision and patience.


Eventually, we will get there. You will get to where you are going. flying on one wing against the odds. Despite the pressure, despite the world around you; you are the one who feel the pain and weight of your torn piece. Do you. Don’t cut and paste other people’s techniques or actions. You are enough. Nothing and no one can replace or become you. Do you sweetheart, everyone else will follow.

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