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Peace: A temporary situation in reality.

The word, peace, according to dictionary definitions means:

– A state of tranquility, quiet, and harmony; absence of violence. For instance, a state free from civil disturbance.
– A state free of oppressive and unpleasant thoughts and emotions.
– Harmony in personal relations.
– A state free of war, in particular war between different countries.

These are all wonderful definitions but you have to ask yourself: does such a thing really exist on earth or is it only for the afterlife? if the so called afterlife exists at all.

On earth we are always preaching messages of peace, praying to our creator for peace but is it really an attainable concept? A concept that can be realized on earth in our time permanently?
I think peace is just a temporary situation that we come into contact with for certain periods of time.

My God is said to have instructed many different people to start wars, to kill and destroy. This very God whom I have come to know as the God of peace did this according to biblical authors. If these writers are accurate and true in their writing that a being that existed before time itself can initiate a disturbance of peace then it means I am right in my thinking of peace being a temporary situation. It means that before the existence of the earth peace was already a temporary situation in reality. Throughout the bible one finds peace is disturbed by some conflict if not another. These conflicts do not always end up in a war or death, though most do. Some conflicts are personal and disturb an individual’s inner peace. Some conflicts are within families and end up in broken families. Some are political and some are social and they mostly end up in blood spill.
This unfortunately has not changed from biblical times to now. Peace is still temporary. Internally and externally disturbances of peace still occur. Some people abuse and kill others and claim to have been directed to do so by their creator. People still die as a result of political conflicts. Families still fall apart because of certain misunderstandings. Even Holy places like churches still collapse and split apart due to conflict. Peace is still not a permanent realization.

Despite peace being a temporary thing; we still strive towards making it a reality. My God still brought peace to people, from biblical times to our generation. We all still pray for peace because we know of and trust in its existence. We do our best to live in peace with each other and ourselves. We forgive sins as ours also are forgiven by the creator. We find a way to laugh through our pain because it brings us comfort that leads to making peace with our different situations. Whether permanent or temporary, peace exists. It exists for our benefit. It exists to give us hope for a better tomorrow. In the midst of a war people hope for peace and it is this hope that keeps them going. When a family falls apart, even if they all don’t live together anymore they find peace in their new situation.
My God saw the conflicts that had disturbed peace in the world among God’s people, in Palestine particularly. God took it upon God’self to endure the pain of having Jesus be killed so that peace could once again reign among the people. Was it a good idea? I think the situation could have turned into that of Abraham and Isaac but it wasn’t my idea. I believe the idea was to have a greater conflict than the existing one at the time occur so that people could take out all their frustrations and anger on one individual and in that individual’s death, a new life would be born. Peace would reign again. It did take a while though.
In the 1600s some form of peace reigned in my beloved country, from time to time there were conflicts but our greatest conflict came in the 1900s in the form of apartheid. On paper the concept seemed good and though it needed a great deal of tweaking, it could have worked but in reality it didn’t go down too well because of a few flaws that it made look good. We are however living in a new found peace. It is not yet the dictionary meaning of peace and might never be but it is a peace unlike the one before it.
Other countries have had their former peace, had conflicts and found new peace. This has been happening from the beginning of time to our time.

Every time our peace is disturbed, we turn to our different places of prayer and meditation and ask our creator for peace. Our creator is always watching and listening, waiting to respond to our needs which we present through prayer and petition. The response thereof is the peace we desire at that particular point in time for our specific situation.

Peace is a temporary but worthwhile situation.

Though conflicts disturb peace, they are the path to finding a new form of peace.

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  1. Elsie Derry says:

    You really maҝe іt sеem sο easy ᴡith your prresentation Ƅut I finmd
    this matter to be actᥙally sⲟmething tһat I think I wߋuld
    neѵеr understand. It serems tоo complex and extremely broad f᧐r mе.
    I’m ⅼooking forward fоr yοur next post, I’ll tгʏ to get the hang of it!

    1. Emma M says:

      Thanks. Peace in itself is a bit complex but somewhat attainable.

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