In the last days, I fell out of the sky,
Like a shooting star I came crashing down,
In the last days, I burnt out,
I had given all of me and all of my strength,
On my last day, I burnt to ashes,
There was nothing more I could give.

I had lived my life,
Fought a lot, shed tears,
Laughed a lot, had joyous moments,
I had loved and hated,
Been vengeful and forgiving,
This was the end of me,
To my enemies it was joyful,
To my loved ones it was painful,
To me it was just the end.

My creator had not yet finished with me,
I was drained and irreparable in my own eyes,
But to my creator I still had a purpose,
My creator knew it was not yet over,
My God decided it was time for restoration in my life,
A new beginning was in the thoughts of my creator.

From the ashes I rose,
Ashes that they had already cast off,
They had already said ‘ashes to ashes’,
Yet my creator restored me,
Turned my black dark ashes into a black diamond,
A black diamond I am,
Reborn from ashes like a phoenix,
Rejuvenated, stronger, tougher and better.

From the ashes I rise,
Never to be killed again, never to die out again,
Reborn with full strength and vision,
Restoration in its fullness,
My enemies frown at me,
My loved ones smile at me,
I smile at my creator with a thankful heart,
I’m wiser now, stronger and alive,
A phoenix I am.

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