Surely God is not Christian.

Yes, Christians worship God or a god; that shall be determined someday in heaven if that is a reality in the afterlife. For now, however, the god or God that Christians worship is not Christian.

If God wrote the 10 commandments, then they are a guide to life. If it was God’s voice that spoke to the prophets and they wrote, then we have wisdom shared from God. God shared tips and instructions and lots more about life. Then the very same God apparently came to earth through the life form of Jesus. Interesting really; that an uncreated self-sustaining being would just get bored and want to walk among what It has created. Who does that? You will never see a mere CEO helping the janitor. The CEO is too mighty for such petty work. Yet a creator came to dwell with the created. Anyway, while living among the human, us, the creation, Jesus taught of love and showed a zeal for the politics of the poor. Did he die for us all or did he just die so that we never hear of him? That is a good question to ask your pastor, I’m just the other guy at the moment. Christians believe that Jesus died for their sins and was working to bring God’s kingdom on earth. Was space limited in heaven that God wanted to migrate to earth? Again, a question for your pastor. In short, God gave wisdom, tips, guides and other useful information. Then Jesus came and spoke of love and unity and lots of nice things. But, none of the two beings were or are Christian.

Then along came Paul. That is where the complication starts. Before him, those that followed the teachings of Christ had slowly become recognised as Christian. They spoke of love and unity and so on and so on. They did not have ‘church’ but they gathered anyway once in a while to share bread and so on. The Christian tradition grew because of Paul and his never resting feet. He was all over the place planting churches and setting rules and regulations for how churches were to conduct themselves along with their members. Suddenly, Church was a thing. It was the teachings of Jesus coupled with Paul’s ideas. How God got pulled into it, only God knows. The Church became an institution. A place of worship. It moved people into one space to worship together, which is great and empowering and so on. But somewhere along the line people thought God is Christian and that they can claim God for their faith. Not only Christians think they can claim the mighty creator, but there are also others from other religions who think they can claim the creator. Jesus is unfortunately claimed by Christians by association. With “Christ” as part of His name, He kinda did not have a choice in the matter. However, other religions also acknowledge him as a prophet or some other religious figure.

So, yes; Jesus is linked to the Christians by default. Jesus is the incarnate of God. God is not Jesus and Jesus is not God. The two are one in substance but they are not each other. Paul built everything that the understanding of the Church is based on. God is everywhere, in all spaces seen and unseen; even in Church. God is still not a Christian, never has been and never will be. There are other religions that worship God as their creator. No religion has claim over the creator of the universe, we all created by one self-sustaining being. Call that being what you want. But for the love of all that is good, do not claim that being to be a member of your faith or to favour your faith.

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  1. Moghel WA Khona says:

    Wa bona wena, sometimes I wonder who whispers into your ears. However, I agree that God is not Christian but creator of all there is, including our beliefs.

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