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Thank you and goodbye.

At the beginning of the year I did two reflections on myself and my life (The irony of a teacher and It has begun: new beginnings). In these reflections I took a look at my fears and some habits which I had come to believe that I need to drop like hot potatoes. I was determined to work hard at turning my life around.


Little did I know the power that I was speaking into my life. I reminded myself every morning that I am what I consume and that I am the only one who can change anything in my world. No outsider would understand the things I want to achieve; and no one was going to hand me my aspirations on a silver platter.


Each day was a battle of its own; one challenge after the other, from personal to family, the challenges just kept on coming. But I was in a new operating mode and giving in was not an option. I had decided to embrace the warrior in me. To fight harder than I had ever fought before. To squeeze the best out of myself until nothing held me back.


I threw out the trash. All that was holding me back, all the bad ideas and all the bad friends. Some of these decisions were not easy but were worth it. I strongly believe that your circle should inspire and motivate you; otherwise, you are just passing time and wasting precious moments. Good company, good times and great minds go together. There needs to be a balance of play and work, if not then it is not worth your energy.

I became more cultured. Streamlined myself and what I want. Then moved to tune my brain by focusing my consumption of content. Consuming things that contribute towards shaping me and my thought process. Of course, I still made room for Big Bang Theory and Last Man on Earth, I just could not give those up.


I strengthen my understanding of the business I want to run and ended up hosting my first big event. It went well, I learnt a lot and I am planning the next one in 2019. Life has never been better. I learnt some of the most expensive business lessons in 2018. From those lessons, improvements and better choices will come.


My academics were pushed hard. I took out my best per course and did well enough. A tear dropped from my eye that morning when I read my emails and discovered that I had obtained my degree. It has been a long, tiring and stressful journey. Bit I too can say “mama I made it”. There were moments of despondence, fear, anger, sadness, joy and mixed emotion yet through it all I made it. Now I look forward to the next couple of degrees.


Self-development is core to every person. Excitement filled my whole being when I got notified that I had been chosen for a transformation enabler programme in Jamaica. It was one of the things I need to set my path straight. I loved it and I enjoyed every moment of it. I learnt a lot and now I am implementing what I learnt bit by bit.


Through it all, my song for the year was “Jesus at the centre of it all”. It really centred me, calmed me, focused me and reminded me that I am not in control of every aspect of my plan. I may plan but Christ directs upon God’s approval.


2018 has been a wonderful and transformative year for me. I am thankful for my struggles, joys and everything in between. As we bid farewell to this year, I look forward to an even better year ahead.

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