The day the devil went to church


One evening the devil was sitting and reflecting on all the things he’d done. While reminiscing on his life, he realized that he had really done a lot of damage to a lot of innocent people and some who weren’t so innocent. All this thinking actually made his head hurt and somehow reached at the core of his heart; that’s when he decided that it was time repent and on that warm Saturday night he decided to go to Church in the morning which was a Sunday.

Sunday morning came slowly as Lucifer had spent the night tossing and turning. When sunlight finally came Lucifer sprung out of bed like a bullet, started cleaning his house and then prepared himself for church. While figuring out what to wear he remembered that there is a very high dress code expected at church, so he looked at the back of his wardrobe and from there he pulled out his old suite that had just been sitting gathering dust. He brushed up the beautiful dark purple suite nicely, put on a white shirt, a purple tie and a white pocket square to finish the look. He did look perfect like everyone who goes to church usually does. He looked around for his bible and in the middle of his search he remembered that he didn’t own one. He only knew those verses that people used when they prayed against him; he had heard them so many times that he actually thought he had read them himself. At this point he decided to go buy his first bible.

Arriving at the bookstore he was amazed that they opened all through church hours but since it was a Christian store, he thought maybe they have their service there. The cashier was so kind it actually made Lucifer feel he was on the right path. Then the cashier asked “do you need a bible carrier or a hymn book with your bible sir?”. Lucifer had never been called “sir” before, he didn’t even know that he had emotions until the cashier addressed him with such kindness and respect. He had always had a low self-esteem because of all the names he’d been called and all the blame that had been put on him even when he was innocent. No one had ever been so kind to him. That thought and feeling of someone being nice to him was quickly disturbed by confusion as it hit him hard; he hadn’t thought of which church he was attending. He only knew that he was going to Church. Getting a hymn book was a complex decision, it meant Lucifer had to choose a denomination. He hadn’t thought that far. He just knew that he was tired of the way he had been living and he wanted to go to Church and surrender his life to Christ. A decision had to be made and he only had less than an hour as most churches start at 10am and his watch said it was 9:04am. He went back to the hymnal section and made a choice. It didn’t matter much to him as in his understanding all denominations are the Church and Christ is accessible through them all. The cashier billed his items, packaged them and gave them over saying “Here you go sir. Enjoy the rest of your day and enjoy the church service.” Lucifer walked out of the bookstore feeling proud of his decision. He had seen the by look on the cashier’s face when he first entered the store that the cashier recognized him and yet the cashier wasn’t afraid of him, the cashier was warm and welcoming as all Christians are supposed to be. This gave Lucifer courage, he knew that Christ would forgive him. At long last he was choosing God over chaos and it felt great.

Finally, he arrived at church and fear filled him up as he walked up to the entrance. He remembered that day at the Cross, thousands of years later and yet the memory was fresh as though it had happened yesterday. He was quickly distracted by two little children who had been chasing each other when one of them came to hide behind him. So innocent and loving, playfully they ran around him and for the first time in hundreds of years Lucifer smiled. That smile was quickly wiped from his face by a screeching voice that said “get away from that devil!!”. It was one of the children’s mother; she recognized Lucifer. The children were too afraid of her to continue playing at the feet of this smiling stranger. They just continued running in a different direction. Lucifer looked up only to recognize her, he had tried to lure her away from Christ once and since she was having her own issues with her faith she almost gave herself fully to Lucifer. He bravely walked over to her, she turned and started walking away. He said to her “I’m sorry, I was wrong to do what I did to you.” With a shocked look on her face she turned around with a question, “What did you just say?” “I’m sorry” he said. “You were weak and I preyed upon your weakness. I didn’t know better and obviously I was afraid of those who are strong so I preyed on the weak. I have seen the err of my ways and I’m here to make amends. I wanna come to Christ and have my sins wiped away.” Lucifer told her. She was shocked and was almost speechless, then she said “Christ welcomed me despite my sins but others are still not at peace with my past. It’s good that you want to change your ways but it’s not an easy journey. Don’t be fooled, I understand your change of heart but that doesn’t mean I trust you; so until I do, stay away from my son.” Lucifer agreed to this because he hoped that some day she’d fully forgive him and realize that he really had changed and she’d be one of his first real friends.

At that moment the church bell rang and the people outside went in. Lucifer tried to sit as far back as possible as he was uncertain of how the people would react. Surely enough those that recognized him stayed away from him and looked their nose down on him. Those that didn’t know him sat next to him without fear. As the service went on, whispers of his presence started flowing around and some of those who had sat close to him started to move to other sits further from him. One guy remained next to him; Lucifer couldn’t understand why and he eventually asked “Why are you still sitting here, haven’t you heard who I am?” The guy looked at him and said “I have heard.” “Then why are you still sitting here?” Lucifer asked. The guy replied “About 19 months ago, no one wanted to sit next to me so I understand your situation.” “I have done a lot of wrong things to a lot of people, so i understand why they don’t want to be next to me. What did you do to them?” asked Lucifer. The guy replied “Nothing, I had done absolutely nothing. You see, I grew up in a very poor family on a farm outside the city. I then decided to come to the city to look for work but I wasn’t qualified for anything. I couldn’t even read or write. After a few weeks in the city, I was broke and jobless. I wondered the streets aimlessly and hopelessly until one day I heard a preacher who was preaching on the street say that God could help my situation. My mind lit up and I approached him because I wanted to know more but he covered his nose and shooed me away like a fly on his food. I wondered why God would use someone like that to send messages to God’s people; I even wondered if I was part of God’s people. If God was blessing God’s people, why was I suffering? I wondered but a day came when I was woken up by a good smell. It was amazing. I woke up to find a table being set at the end of the alley I’d been sleeping in. There was this group of people dishing for everyone who needed a meal and it was free. I had my doubts about them but they kept coming back. They invited us to a center where we learnt different skills. I learnt to write and read. I asked questions about God and I learnt a lot about God then I came to this church. The skills I learnt at the center really helped me; now I’m in the process of registering my gardening business. However, all the Gospel I learnt there didn’t prepare me for this place. God is one thing but church is another. You need to find your balance. So my friend I understand what it feels like when people of God turn from one who seeks God. Be strong it’s a tough journey, you will find your connection to God. Be patient. Pray continuously.”

Lucifer was at a loss for words so he just nodded and breathed deeply. He was beginning to realize that his journey to Christ wasn’t going to be an easy one but he was willing to walk it. The service was nearing an end the pastor called people forward to testify and they went one after the other and said stories of how God had blessed them with cars, money, houses and families. Some spoke about how God has rescued them and forgiven them. When no one would stand up anymore, Lucifer stood up singing “your will be done Lord”, it had been sung earlier.

The people were shocked. He stood in front of them and told them that he had changed but the looks on their faces told him flat out that they didn’t believe him. He started his testimony by saying “I was once an Arch Angel”, then continued to say “I got kicked out of heaven because I rebelled against God. I told God that I’d create a better being than those God had created and I also said that my throne would be higher than God’s. I was jealous, jealous of you human beings. You have been created in God’s own image. You were given power over the earth upon creation. I had been in existence before you; I had only watched over the earth but you were given power over it, you could physically touch and feel anything on it and I could only long to do so. To make things worse you were made to be a little lower than the angels. I as an angel couldn’t understand why God could give you so much power. You are mere mortals; why couldn’t God trust immortal ones like myself to care for the earth, to have power over all its creatures and vegetation? I was furious and it was lack of understanding that got me thrown out of heaven and like a child I threw an even bigger tantrum after that. I tried to corrupt every human I could but God saw this. One day God sent Jesus to solve the earth’s problems and I was part of the problem. I remember those days clearly. I devised a plan, I thought I was smarter than God but little did I know that God’s plans for humanity are greater than of my schemes. I was the one who whispered into the ear of Judas Iscariot, he was doubting his path and feared death. I saw this and told him that he could save himself by giving up Jesus. The silver wasn’t my idea, of that I’m innocent. I just wanted Jesus gone because I thought that if Jesus dies I’d be free to do as I please. See, I had been thrown out of heaven with a very little power; little did I know that if Jesus dies all my power goes with him. On that dreadful day I was happy because I thought my plan was coming together but by the time I realized what I had done it was too late to go back and change it. It had been done. Jesus defeated me at the Cross I was left powerless and useless. For a few years I stayed out of sight and lingered in the darkness out of shame and fear. When I finally came out, I realized that people didn’t fully understand that Jesus had defeated me on the Cross. They still thought I had power. So I took advantage of the situation. I was once again feared, I whispered into the ears of men like Saul, Nero, Hitler and many others. I had agents all over the world doing all the works that I could no longer do myself but over time I grew weary and tired. I have realized that I can’t keep making empty promises to people just so I can have my will done. I am tired of being feared and alone. Today in front of all you as my witnesses I lay down all the things I’ve done and ask God’s forgiveness and yours. I no longer look to devour but look to be devoted to Jesus Christ who rose from the dead and ascended to heaven. The Christ who sits at the right hand of God the Father interceding; I wish to submit my name to that list so that I too can be interceded for. God is love and my heart longs for love therefore it longs for God. I have seen the err of my ways and wish to walk the path of righteousness. I swear by the God who lives to walk in God’s statutes for all eternity. I give myself to God’s service for as long as I live. I understand now why God loves the world so much. It is because the world is strong enough to do anything and weak enough to recognize its need for God. I have recognized my need for God and into God’s hands I commit my life.” At this Lucifer walked back to where he had been sitting.

There was silence for a while. Then some people broke out in prayer, some broke out in song, others broke to tears and some walked out. There were many different reactions to what had just happened. You were here the whole time these things were happening. You have your own reaction. I hope your reaction is not one that weakens but strengthens your faith. My reaction is simple; Lucifer was defeated at the Cross and has been powerless ever since then, there’s nothing to fear. If he were to repent then he’d see the rest of my reaction. I don’t know what it would be exactly but I do hope it strengthens my faith.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this imaginary story.

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