The Nun: Horrific horror

I’m somewhat traumatized.

Traumatized just because I watched a movie. The plot is fairly simple. A priest is summoned by the Vatican and is sent to investigate what they suppose to be suicide committed by one of the nuns in a small rural town in Romania. He is told to find and take with him a young woman, Sister Irene, who is on the journey but has not yet taken her vows; she has the gift of vision which turns out to be quite helpful. The priest has a past with an exorcism gone bad which haunts him through this trip and almost gets him killed. Together they meet a young half-French man, Frenchie, who assists them in getting to the convent. The French man gets possessed but that is possibly another story for another time as it is only displayed for about 1 minute at the end of the movie if not less. In the castle where the nun committed suicide, there is a room where a very evil spirit resides. The spirit needs a human host in order to escape. It had been locked away safely until bombs were released above the castle and broke it loose. The evil spirit took the form of a nun in order to pass as one of them and kill them off one by one until there was no one left.

What possessed me to go and watch the movie?

Well, it was new. It had just been released on the 7th and I thought the 8th is not too early to go see it. On top of that, I happen to have a thing with book titles and movie titles. Some sound so good that there’s no choice but to go and see for myself what it is all about while others are so intriguing that it would be a crime to miss out on them.

So, when I read the title “The Nun”, I figured a nun gone mad chasing people with knives and hiding in the dark. Not only that but a part of me was really intrigued by the faintest possibility of a nun who would be depicted as anything more dangerous that the nuns I know. All the nuns I know are prayerful, kind, humble and all the nice words you can think of. So, the idea of a nun with a serious temper, possible mental issues and is on some killing spree didn’t sound so bad in my head at the time of purchasing my movie ticket.

Trust me, it sounded like a good idea to go and watch “The Nun”. It really was until that man was pierced by a sharp object coming from nowhere in the very first 30 seconds of the movie. Then that tall-donkey nun was just standing there and terrifying the girl. I feel like this part of the movie left a lot unsaid and I’m suspicious of the setting as it looked more futuristic than the setting of 90% of the movie. Also, the last piece shows what could have been part of the first minute of the movie but then we’ll never know now, will we?

The whole experiential story

So, the nun that hangs herself at the beginning of the movie turned out to be self-sacrifice. She was ensuring that the evil spirit does not have a human host that could let it escape the castle. She does die and is refrigerated by Frenchie upon discovering her body. She then goes on to, rather her ghost, guide Sister Irene through out the movie. Helping her escape and stay out of vicious harm’s way. Sister Irene is in the castle and the chapel with many other nuns at different points in time but it turns out that none of them exist. They were all just spirits. The evils that roams the walls of the castle chooses Sister Irene as its host and the trouble begins. It initially identifies her as the one who has not yet taken her vows, from here it does its best to have her. But the spirits of the nuns that used to live in the convent, before the evil got rid of them all, continuously guide and protect her to the best of their ability.

As for Frenchie, one night as he was walking about he sees a nun walking in the woods dragging along a rope. Now, I specifically told the guy not to follow her but like an idiot he did. She then disappeared only to fall from the sky hung on a rope, scarring the lights out of me. Then the rope broke and she fell on top of him; she was unsightly and really worked to bite his head off. He managed to escaped her and fell among the crosses that were in the yard and he was saved from the evil thing. He literally never listened to me through out the movie. Whenever I said “don’t” he hear “do” and when I said “stop” he heard “go”. That is how he got possessed to being with. I told him to rub the blood on himself also but he didn’t. At some point the evil spirit entered Sister Irene and the blood of Jesus which was hanging across her neck in a bottle was the only thing that could help. So, Frenchie got a hold of it and smeared it across her forehead which forced the spirit out of her. Yet, for some reason he didn’t smear himself and got strangled almost to death by the evil. I somewhat think it killed him and passed on some evil into him which led to his resurrection.

The whole ordeal had me on the edge. The whole movie I was at the edge with my heart trying to escape my chest every couple of minutes. The story-line is excellent and the whole film is exceptionally directed. The cast does an excellent job. I think I could watch it again as soon as I get over the current goose bumps I’m still experiencing when ever the images cross my mind.

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