They were yet to run.

If I had told these shoes the day I brought them home that they were going to help me move from a size 44 to a size 36, they would have been sceptical; and if I had told them after a month of wearing them, they would have flat out laughed at me with tears rolling while they roll on the ground in laughter.


You see; I wore these shoes for three months doing nothing but walking. Not even fast paced, just simple walking. I had little hope in changing my situation because something inside had told me that I can’t do anything about it. At the same time something kept me going as the doubtful part of me wanted to prove the whole process wrong. On the other hand there was a hopeful side that told me that the more I push the easier the process would become and with patience I would see results. So I soldiered on with all these voices in my head. I asked almost every day for 30 minutes in the first month, I sometimes didn’t bother myself to because that negative part of me was busy telling me “it’s no use” and there were days that I truly believed in that voice. A part of me however grew to love walking. The change of routes was also very interesting as I’d find new shortcuts to go back in case I got tired and it allowed me to explore. That love grew until it killed that negative voice, I was now walking for fun. I moved from a 30 minute walk to an hour of walking. Somewhere in the fourth month I started running 1Km three times a week and kept walking almost every day depending on the weather. By the fifth month I was running 1.5Km without​ a struggle and still walking. My diet on the other hand was on and off, i kept bouncing between pure clean eating and having an occasional pizza or burger but as the journey continued I slowly got the hang of eating clean and most especially, portion control.
It was around the eighth month when I noticed a change in my clothes. At first I didn’t take it to heart💓 as I had conditioned myself to excersizing to be fit and let go of the size issue. My clothes were a bit loose, so I began considering the fact that I might actually be loosing body fat. I started studying my body closely and noticed that the flabby parts of me weren’t that flabby anymore. I took measurements and I really wasn’t the same size I was when I began my journey. So like any other woman, I reached to the back of my closest and there those items I loved and never threw out actually fit. I fit in a size 40. I had moved two sizes. That part of me that had been sceptical could have been sitting in a corner somewhere crying because I had actually made progress. I was happy.
It was at this point that I realized that cheating the process was no longer an option. I started taking it a lot more seriously than I ever had before. I pushed to running 2Km thrice a week and continued to walk, I even added pilates and yoga. I was in a health mode beyond the previous one. My snacks changed to fruit and nuts, my meals moved to brown rice and I strictly stuck to rooibos,infused water and pure water. Two months later I had moved a clothing size but this time the back of my closest could not offer me anything smaller than a size 40. So I went shopping for a few items. It was a shock to find out that a size 38 was big. I tried a 36 and it was a perfect fit! I sat in the fitting room for about 5minutes calming my emotional self down. I knew I was changing but I never imagined even at the beginning of my journey that I’d get as far as a size 36. After I had collected myself I walked out of the fitting room, paid for my new Jean and went elsewhere to buy a few t-shirts and dresses 👗.  In was no longer flabby.
I must admin on that day I a bar-one milkshake. I deserved a treat. I had a journey of ups and downs emotionally, physically and dietwise. I had fallen on and off the weagon so many times. I had had hopeful and hopeless days. I drank that milkshake as though it was the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I am loving my the result of my first journey. I currently have body fat that is visible but it is all in one place not in extra spacing, I feel good and am starting a new journey in hope of getting to a place where I have at least 20% fat on my body. Even if I never get there, I have come far from where I started and will be happy to maintain where I am. The last time I wore a size 36 I was in high school. When I got to high school I was a size 32, hopefully I might actually get there if my bone structure is still that tiny somewhere under this covering.

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