Tweety bird

Oh tweety bird,
Why are you so full of fear?
Why do you not do what you long for?
You were born for this, why do you fear it?
Your wings may be small but they will carry you,
They will carry you to the place you so desperately long to be,
They may look weak but they were designed for this,
Do not fear, you were born for this,
Spread your wings, start flapping them,
Jump off out of the nest and into the air,
The wind will be there beneath you, it will carry you,
The wind will help fulfil your longing.

Tweety bird, courage is not easy,
It is much harder than fearfulness,
Fear blocks you from being fulfilled,
Fear tells you that you can’t,
Fear tells you that you will fall,
It reminds you of that time you tried and failed,
Fear only wishes for you not to try,
Fear ensures that you only desire and not accomplish,
Courage says you can, it says you will,
Courage tells you that you are wiser,
It tells you that you have learnt from past failures,
Courage tells you that your wings are strong enough.

Go ahead tweety bird,
Spread those wings, flap them,
Jump out into the air, feel the wind beneath you,
Remember what you learnt from your fall,
Remember to keep flapping your wings,
Remember to rest and glide when the time comes,
You are more courageous than you realise,
Don’t let fear tell you that you can’t,
Don’t let memories paralyse you from trying,
This is a new day tweety bird, a new wind blows,
A new sun shines; even you have new feathers,
Fly tweety bird, you were born for this.

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