Water and exercise.

We all try to keep fit by either jogging, running, walking or going to the gym and engaging in different exercises. The whole endeavour is draining and tiring. It takes a lot out of you but it also benefits your body. After you have sweat and are dripping, your muscles aching and hurting; a change is happening inside. It’s all worth it.

During this time the body loses lots of water through sweating as it desperately attempts to cool itself down as you exercise. This is the major part of why one should drink water during exercise, to replace all that has been lost.

Other reasons for drinking water include the following:

  1. it cushions the joints, making it easier for all the bends, twists and turns your body needs during exercise to be possible.
  2. it converts food into energy. All those carbohydrates, protein and lipids y take in require water in order to be broken down and used by the body;  Thus providing thee body with all the energy it needs
  3. it blinks the eyes. Without water, the eye would keep open and get extremely tired; and you need those eyes to see the weights, road and everything else.
  4. it is much easier to build muscle when your body is hydrated. Even flexing muscles requires water.
  5. it helps carry oxygen and nutrients to the cells.
  6. it helps remove waste from the body.

Did you know that two-thirds of your body weight is water? Without water, I guess we’d all just dry up like biltong. Keep hydrated during, before and after your exercise sessions, water is good for you.

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