Week 1: Huffing and puffing

I embarked on a new fitness journey which starts from where the previous one left me to wherever this one will leave me.

Week one has been dreadfully hard. It has been a while since I was exercising regularly and eating healthy, so as you can imagine it wasn’t easy to get back on the 🏇 horse. I went through the eating part swiftly as possible with lots of veggies and less to no starch. Had a good balance of snack and meal times. The waking up in the morning part didn’t work out as swiftly, other days I was right on schedule and some I was way off. Despite the time difficulties, I ran some good distances. The first day back on the road i managed to pull off 1.8 Km, I huffed and puffed my way through it though. I had not drank enough water prior to running and had no water with me on the road; I can’t lie, I took several breaks in that run but it was a lesson learnt yet again. The fact that I had been running previously made me think that I could go back as though I had never stopped but my was I wrong on that one. The second time I took no chances, I ran with a water bottle and slowed my pace down. On that day I took only two breaks. It was great, I was hydrated well and not out of breath as on the first day. The third time I pushed myself to 2.5 Km and boy was I ambitious too soon. I was tired when I came back from that run. Too tired to even eat or drink. But then again I’m on a journey, it will be hard before it gets easier. The next week won’t be so bad. All I have to do is be properly hydrated and take my time until I’m lighting blitz in pace.

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