Where to first?

Let’s face it. Too many South Africans grow up in the township and not all have an idea of where to go or who to ask about starting a business. Some have brilliant idea but no way to make them a reality. Some are disadvanateged by their circle of friends who constantly put them down. Some have no place to look for a role model or business mentor. Some only see life though their TV screens, they wish to get somewhere but have nowhere to go in order to start their journey.

There are few that are advantaged by their circle of friends. Few who have an idea of where to go to get things done. Even fewer who work to break down the walls that keep them from what they want. To this bunch of hard workers’ “I salute you” keep pushing, keep going, our future looks bright with you reaching frontiers and being pioneeres.

If you don’t know where to go yet or how to go about achieving your desired goals, here is my list of suggested rescources and programs.

There is no need to be stranded when we can all hustle, huff and pass. Information is meant to be shared and “sharing is caring”.

These are Tv and internet accessible.
1. Making Moves – This program airs on SABC 1 on Mondays. If you miss it try to find it online and watch it.
2. Lion’s Den – You can find clips of episodes on YouTube.
3. Dragons Den – If you have DSTV you can find this, if not do what I do; watch it on YouTube.
What is important on these programs are the strategies and advice given to the participants. You may be in a different field of business but might pick up something important. They may walk away with the money but you walk away with knowledge; and knowledge is power. You may notice something someone is doing wrong in their business and not do it in yours or you may notice what they are doing right and try to test if it would work for you. The panels are made up of business owners, investors and xperts who have been in business a while longer that you may be; listen to what king of advice they give and if it applies to you take it,if it doesn’t discard it. You can learn a lot.

Business rescources:
Business plans cost money and they predict wonderful returns. Trust me paper and practical are miles apart. I will tell you about Titanium at some point and you will understand why I say this. For now, business documents could save your business in many ways; they can help you get funding and give potential investors a glimpse of what they would be putting their money on. Remember that you have to do all the hardwork to make what is in the business plan a reality. I downloaded my very first business plan template from “Yes, I’ve been hustling a wwhile.” and a good hustle can bring good results. Nowadays a number of places give away free business plan templates for a variety of business ideas, see which one fits your idea or is closest and then edit it according to your specifications; then get to working.
Here are a few places:
1. Entrepreneur
2. Bplans

Investments are an idea that is still very foreign to township lifestyle, but this is our time. It’s time the word investment became a housebrand in our shacks so that we can move out into our own four roomed houses not into RDP houses but our own IPD (Independent Personal Development) houses. That are fully owned by us. Investment companies however charge large sums of money; one I started with was asking a deposit of R5000.00, obviously I didn’t have it so I passed. Then the banks charge different amounts on a mothly basis, you can now invest from as little as R300.00 a month. But…
If you are interested in ivesting but can’t afford a monthly fee, realax. You can now purchase shares in your favorite company staring at only R100 when you have it. You can buy for a hndred in March the maybe say you only have money in June, no problem you can increase what you have bought in March. You can buy shares in pieces until you have all that you want and later sell them for a profit. God knows I’ll be buying two specific companies. ¬†Only one place does this;
1. Easy Equities

This is all I have for now. This page will keep being updated as I find and discover more. “Sharing is caring” I have shared this with you; so, feel free to share it on you social media spots and text the link to friends who need such information too.

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